Once Upon a Time...

Over the last two years, we realized that it could be so much bigger than just our own children… that it had the potential to not only foster a love of reading in so many more, but could maybe, one day, help every child slay a dragon, climb a beanstalk or find their own special breed of magic in a new favorite book. With that realization, The Once Upon a Time Project came to life, and with it the aim to put the magic of books into the hands of every child.   

There were two girls who loved to read…anything and everything.  Whether it was following Nancy Drew up the hidden staircase or unlocking the gate to a secret garden, we were always ready for an adventure.  We knew that books were magic--not just the “Abracadabra” variety, but the kind that let you be anyone, anywhere at any time--so we filled our bookcases with books and our heads with their stories.  We know that the seed for The Once Upon a Time Project was planted in our favorite childhood books, but it took motherhood and wanting the same things for our children for the idea to really take shape. 

The Mission:

The Once Upon a Time Project is dedicated to putting the magic of books into the hands of every child.  Interested in lending us a hand?  It’s easy as 1,2,3…4! J

First…Get it!

With every purchase, receive a brand new book that’s already registered and ready for traveling! Next,

Next…Read it!

Read and enjoy it, then…

Then…Share it!

Give it to a friend, put it in a Little Free Library, donate it to your favorite school, or even leave it on the table at your favorite coffeehouse…the possibilities are endless! For more ideas on how to share your traveling book, click here.  Curious about where the next chapter in your book’s adventure will take it? Then…

After that…Follow it!

                                               ... or go to www.bookcrossing.com,

                                               then enter the BCID number written on

                                               the bookplate, and wish it happy travels!


Want to do more?


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