Welcome to Magpie & Mabel, a place where country meets urban, playful meets practical, and the past meets the present; a place where a passion for vintage living and retro design has found a very happy home.


15 years ago, best friends, Michele & Jenn, became business partners when they designed their first vintage inspired dress.  They named it, "The Madigan Dress," after Michele's oldest daughter, and its success launched an entire boutique line of handmade children's dresses, skirts, t-shirts and gifts.  Soon after came the Charlotte Dress, Gypsy Skirt, Amelia Dress, and Rosalind Coat, each with its own story and distinct personality.  But as unique as the designs are, there is a common thread that runs throughout: fabrics and patterns come and go, but a fascination with the past is constant.  By combining elements of bygone eras with contemporary fabrics, they create something special.  The results are sometimes quirky, sometimes funky, sometimes lovely, but always unique.


Magpie & Mabel finds joy in bringing the past and present together and making them friends.  We think they make a lovely couple and hope you do too!

Who Is Magpie & Mabel?